DuMol Pinot Noir Ryan 2014


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Winery Notes: This is the darkest and deepest and most fruit-driven of our 2014 pinots, the most overtly Californian in style and substance – so probably the most popular! We’ve produced wine from these thirty year old vines since 1996 so have a level of intimacy with them that is unrivalled – we can predict how they will perform each season based upon the amount of winter rain they receive and that’s why this wine is so consistent each year. In a dry early vintage this cool, north-facing hillside will ripen a little later than other warmer sites but it will use that extra maturation time to produce small dark powerful grapes that ooze richness and depth. This is not a wine harvested at higher ripeness - it’s no higher in alcohol than its stable mates – but it’s a product of non-irrigated old vines with a substantial level of ‘vine extract’ that age brings. The wine, most similar in style to the 2010 bottling, will naturally find many fans and has a long life ahead of it – 10-12 years will be no problem.--DuMol Winery