Club 70 Wine Club


In 2010 Joseph George celebrated 70 years in business.  To commemorate and thank our customers, we created a one-of-a-kind wine club. When we ask our customers about their biggest complaints of wine clubs, the commonality from their responses was variety and quality. Most clubs offer the same wines and make customers purchase the "lesser ones" before they can acquire the most coveted bottles.  With Club 70 we created a club that is always changing and delivers the best that California has to offer!



Throughout the year we will be producing numerous Club 70 events here at the shop that you will not want to miss out on! In addition to the four quarterly pick-up parties, we are always throwing in a free pop-up tasting party whenever we can. Some of these impromptu parties feature winemakers and owners from some of our favorite wineries: Far Niente, Nickel & Nickel, Duckhorn, Kathryn Kennedy, etc. Keep on the lookout in your email for the next Club 70 party coming your way!



Some of our tasting events showcase over 20 wineries.  Guests are able to meet owners and winemakers.  These tastings are not like any other in Silicon Valley.  Club 70 members will have first priority on any spaces available and will receive a discounted price.  Some of the proprietors/winemakers that have attended our events include: Justin Baldwin, Heidi Barrett, Dan Duckhorn, Bob Foley, Lee Hudson, Genevieve Janssens, Cliff Lede, Randy Lewis, Larry Maguire, Philippe Melka, Dave Miner, Kerry Murphy, Gary Pisoni, Doug Shafer, Joseph Wagner, John Williams, Warren Winiarsky, Nils Venge, and Delia Viader.



The excitement of anticipating wine shipped directly to you, hand selected by Bert, from some of the finest labels in California. Weighing heavily towards reds, these will be some of the choice wines that Bert will be offering at our events as well as some rare gems that only he will have access to. We are also open to varietal preferences upon your request. The price per shipment will be $135 per quarter, plus tax. (Out of state customers will have tax refunded). You can either pick-up your shipment here in our wine shop or we can ship it to you with added fees via UPS.



There is no charge to join and you can cancel at anytime! We just want to offer our customers an experience of all the pleasures that fine wine and great food have to offer. And the pleasure of good company and the celebration of our 70 years as one of Northern California’s leading procurers fine wines.



10-50% DISCOUNT on EVERYTHING in the store!

TASTING EVENT EXCLUSIVES Club 70 members will have
 first priority on any spaces available!

HAND SELECTED WINES shipped to you each quarter.

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